pyros Laboratory of
Reclamation Works
Water Resources Management

Department of Rural and Surveying EngineeringNational Technical University of Athens.
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The following reserach topics are covered by the Laboratory.

Water Resources Management

blue.gif (899 bytes) Water Resources Management using Advanced programming Techniques (Gen. Algorithms, Compromise Prog., etc.)
blue.gif (899 bytes) Investigation of consequences of droughts on the environment
blue.gif (899 bytes) Prediction of river flows using neural networks
blue.gif (899 bytes) Studies on Aridity and Disertification. 
blue.gif (899 bytes) Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater.


Ground Water Modeling and Management

blue.gif (899 bytes) Modeling and managing coastal aquifers
blue.gif (899 bytes) Optimal groundwater remediation
blue.gif (899 bytes) Estimation of aquifer parameters; Inverse problem.
blue.gif (899 bytes) Stochastic groundwater hydrology
blue.gif (899 bytes) Modeling unsaturated flow under uncertainty
blue.gif (899 bytes) Geostatistics, hydroinformatics, neural networks in groundwater modeling.


Irrigation, Drainage and River Engineering

blue.gif (899 bytes) Erosion mitigation
blue.gif (899 bytes) Rehabilitation of Irrigation and Drainage Networks
blue.gif (899 bytes) Effective management and control of Irrigation Projects
blue.gif (899 bytes) Analysis of Environmentally Acceptable Streams